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Tesa 3D Coordinate-Measuring Machine
Tesa 2D Electronic Height Gauge
Mitutoyo Contracer CV-2000, Contour Measuring Instrument
Mitutoyo Electronic surface roughness tester

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CNC Components Development Ltd. (CCD) ensures quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Quality requirements are defined before manufacturing has begun, with inspections taking place at every operation and at pre-determined points during manufacturing.

First article and final inspections are performed in a dedicated, climate-controlled room. State of the art equipments, including Tesa CMM, Trimos Vertical Measurement Instrument, Tesa 2D Electronic Height Gage, and a 3D Coordinate Optical Measuring Microscope, allow for the inspection of the tight tolerances to which CCD is known for.

CCD's ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System is registered by the AFNOR Group.

Familar with: JIS B-0405, JIS B-0419, ASME Y14.5M, AS 1100.101, ISO 286-1,
ISO 286-2, ISO 2768-1, ISO 2768-2, and other international Standards.