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Since 1995, CNC Components Development Ltd. (CCD) has established itself as a leading contract manufacturing company that Specializes in different types of complex machined parts. ISO 9001-2008 registered.

Our Contract Manufacturing Services are as diversified as the industries we serve. Our capabilities range from Rapid Prototyping to high volume supply chain service of Precision Complex CNC Machined Components, manufacture of Precision Assemblies and Devices. Over fifteen years of proven manufacturing excellence has positioned CCD as a critical partner with all of our customers. Contact us today for a rapid quotation.

We work with various materials :

* Exotic alloys.
* Carburized, high-strength steel.
* Casting, forging and Extrusion.
* Aluminum alloys.
* Engineering plastics.
* Sub-assemblies.
* Different types of surface treatment, plating, coatings.

Within our the 3640 m2 (39180 Ft2) houses a diverse range of equipments, Allowing us to handle parts in different sizes with high quality level achievement.

Our philosophy :

We are always looking for ways to innovate and remain competitive by continuously Developing techniques and new processes to diminish the cost of parts and the manufacturing lead time.

Over the years, we've built a solid reputation within the industry, all because of :

* Trust and mutual benefits with customers.
* Development of new machining methods.
* Advanced tooling.
* Versatile fixtures.
* Rapid prototype development.
* Improved process control to optimize productivity.

Intellectual Property Protection:

Unlike other offshore countries, Taiwan is a stable democratic country, we strongly respect and honor intellectual property protection, we will treat your information with the utmost respects and privacies.

ISO BS EN 9001-2008 Certificate

D-U-N-S Certificate